Sending Seniors Down The River Styx

Posted on October 23, 2009


In Greek myth the river Styx ran through Hades. The river, it was said , was so foul that to drink of it brought instant death. It was a crossroads where the world of the living met the dead. To cross the river Styx was usually a one way trip. As I read about the plans of our wide eyed utopians in Washington to reform health care, it seems as if they think that this is best accomplished at the expense of the elderly. By cutting Medicare payments to Doctors and getting rid of Medicare Advantage plans they believe they can cut costs and insure everyone who is presently uninsured. However, cutting Medicare payments to Doctors and Hospitals is how we got here in the first place. To make up for what Medicare shorts Doctors in payments, everyone who has private insurance  is charged more, thereby running up the cost of medical insurance to unaffordable levels. More cuts to Medicare will just run private insurance costs higher. Not to fear! that will only be temporary. The real plan is to get rid of private medical insurance and replace it with a Single Payer Government Plan. When we no longer have a choice, costs will be declared impossibly high and cost cutting measures like age rationing will be implemented. This will indeed speed the journey of the aged down the river Styx.