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Reminiscing: My First Car

January 30, 2010


In January 1960 I purchased my first car.  I was 16 at the time and working as an assistant shipping clerk in a large retail store. One of my fellow workers had a 1949 Plymouth that he was anxious to sell because he was buying a new car. I bought the car for $25,00 and […]

Looking Backward

January 27, 2010


I just finished reading James Michener’s “The Drifters”. This is not one of his best works, but does engage one to think about the preponderance of the underclass in a society as wealthy and upscale as the United States. Michener follows six youth in the late 1960’s as they drift  from their comfortable homes to […]

Ode to Retirement

January 23, 2010


How sweet it is to do nothing all day long and after having done so, to rest.

Rethinking Health Care

January 20, 2010


In the 18th century the philosopher Voltaire commented on the Health Care of his day. ” It would seem that the Doctor’s function is to amuse the patient while Time and Nature cure the disease”.  Sounds like an HMO to me.

Some Observations On Aging

January 11, 2010


As Seniors we tend to concern ourselves a lot with the process of aging. We notice more and more the seeming increasing rapidity with which time seems to pass. It has often been asked, “What is Time”? The obvious answer is that it is, “The measurement of  the passing of events”.  Very learned people have […]

Global Warming

January 10, 2010


Senior Citizens with poor circulation are cheering on the prospect of global warming. Especially those who live north of the Sun Belt.

Senior Paradox No.1

January 9, 2010


A Senior Discount, by definition, is a 10% Bonus for being unproductive. Conversely it is a 10% Value Added Tax on those unlucky enough to be young.