A Senior Citizen without a coupon is like a cop without a badge

Posted on January 7, 2010


A Senior Citizen without a coupon is like a Cop without a badge. What a great thing it is to have the time to seek out restaurant coupons in these bleak financial times. My wife and I will never eat out anywhere unless we have a “Buy one meal and get the second meal free” coupon.  The key to making these coupons really worthwhile is to never eat anywhere that you would be expected to leave a tip. Some fast food places even offer a free sandwich on your next visit if you call an 800 number and rate the food and service in their place of business. At Arby’s the other day we got a meal and a drink and the second meal free. We had a call in survey number from our last visit that gave us a free sandwich. We asked for and received a Senior Discount . Two people ate a hearty meal for under eight bucks. We couldn’t have eaten at home that cheaply. Bon Apetite! and don’t forget to ask for your Senior Discount.