Some thoughts on being Retired

Posted on January 7, 2010


A successful retiree has usually mastered the art of doing nothing by the age of 12.  Success in Retirement usually means that you have collected a pension for more years than it took you to earn it.  If you can say that your worst day of retirement is better than your best day ever at work, you have adjusted well to retirement.  An astute Retiree never pays more than $9.00 for a haircut.  When wearing shorts in the summer a fashionable Retiree will always wear his suspenders under his Polo shirt. It may chafe your shoulders a bit, but it keeps the wife quiet.  A well adjusted Retiree knows that if all he has to do is mail a letter, he can make a day of it.  A well prepared Retiree always has coupons when shopping.  Store clerks will always know that you are a Retiree when you pay with the exact change extracted from your small pocket change purse. A confident Retiree will ignore the irate customers in the checkout line behind him while he is making the correct change.  A wise Retiree will never even give any thought to delaying retirement. He knows that even if he has been at his job for 20, 30, 40, years, two weeks after he retires no one will even remember his name.  Retirement is more of an Art than a condition of life . Some people manage to fail at it. Some people were born to be retired.