Toxic Waste on The Road to Hell

Posted on January 8, 2010


The newest outrage in Washington has to be the coming together of the House and Senate to finish the job of impoverishing and endangering the welfare of America’s Seniors. Cutting the amount of funding from Medicare that is envisioned by those elected to protect our interests is going to do two things for certain.  1. It will become impossible to find a Dr. that will take new Medicare patients.  2.  Because of escalating costs , because of rising deficits, because those in government have chosen the wrong fix for the problems in Health care, there will be rationing.  It will of course be called something else, it will be denied, those who say that it exists will be called alarmists, but we will have health care rationing. It is said that “The Road to Hell is paved with good Intentions” and certainly one can see good intentions in abundance in this quest for universal health care. However, Fiscal Irresponsibility, Utopian Naivete and tried and true Government Incompetence, will make this Liberal Dream a nightmare for this nation and especially for Seniors. Is there anything that we can do?  It may well be too late to stop this debacle from becoming a reality, but we as Senior Citizens are recognized to be the single most consistent voting bloc in the nation. Our elected representatives know this and maybe by flooding the House and Senate switchboards for the next few weeks we can put the fear of God in them. Rise up Senior Citizens! We have everything to lose and our Medicare Advantage Plans to gain.