Sinking In Debt ?

Posted on March 10, 2010


As  opened my mail today I noticed a letter from the U.S. Dept. of Commerce. I opened it and found a two paragraph letter informing me that next week I would be receiving a form from the 2010 census and that it was very important that I fill out the form and return it promptly.  Beyond that the letter said nothing that any half-wit would not already know.  The longer I looked at that letter the angrier I became.  Our Nation has a 1.4 billion dollar deficit projected. Everyone acknowledges that the debt is unsustainable and that our currency is becoming worthless as a result.  All manner of lip service is given to ways to cut waste in govt. spending.  The President talks about how we can cut waste in Medicare spending.  Who are we kidding?  If it wasn’t obvious to someone in govt. that this letter, that was sent out to every home in the U.S.,   was unnecessary and a huge waste of the taxpayer’s money then we don’t have a chance of ever getting this thing under control.  This letter was unnecessary, but even if it had been necessary it could have been sent next week with the census form. Who knows how many millions of Dollars in savings this would have amounted to?  I called my Congress person’s office to register my unhappiness about the waste of my taxes on this boondoggle. I hope everyone who receives one of these letters will do the same.