A Sad Day For Senior Citizens

Posted on March 23, 2010


This  day will come to be known as the day that life expectancy averages for U.S. Senior Citizens began its downward trend.  With passage of the Obama Health Care Reform Bill, it is a certainty that Medicare recipients are going to find it increasingly more difficult to find a Dr. or hospital to treat them.  Because of previous cuts to doctors it is already difficult to find a physician that will take new medicare patients.  Seniors will soon be able to find a Dr. only by going to an Urgent Care Facility or the Hospital Emergency Room.  Many doctors are going beyond not taking new medicare patients, they are opting out of the medicare system entirely.  On April 16th Walgreen’s Drugs will no longer fill prescriptions for new medicare customers in the State of Washington. Once again the road to hell has been paved with good intentions. The unforseen consequences of this tragic mistake are going to be monumental as the years pass. The costs of this takeover will eventually bankrupt the nation despite statements to the contrary.  The chances of being able to repeal this nightmare are probably not very good.  The American people don’t really know it yet, but they have been sold down the river by those they sent to Washington to protect their interests. It is the Senior Citizens of America, however who have lost the most as a result of this debacle.  They will shortly be dying sooner.