Immigration and Common Sense

Posted on May 16, 2010


The recent madness over the Arizona Governor signing a bill making it legal for police officers to question a persons immigration status has reached the point of lunacy.  The city of Los Angeles, despite being nearly bankrupt, has decided to cease doing business with the State of Arizona . Because of previous pending contracts with Arizona business, the City of Los Angeles will lose money that is sorely needed to stave off potential bankruptcy.  Why, you might ask, is L.A. doing something so reckless and obviously opposed to its citizens financial best interests?  Political Correctness is the answer. Liberals ,without even reading the text of the law that was signed, are stirring up the usual suspects into a frenzy of  non

thinking protest and divisiveness that can only harm this nation at a time when we are vulnerable economically and from terrorist threats.   Arizona has a problem with illegal immigration that needs to be solved.  Constitutionally it is the job of the Federal Government to solve problems concerning immigration. The problem is that the Federal Government has not in the past done anything about this problem and refuses to do anything now.  That being the case, the State of Arizona has a Constitutional obligation to protect its citizens. Because the Federal Government won’t act, the State of Arizona did and to legal scholars the law they passed passes Constitutional muster.  Why won’t the Federal Government take action when it is obvious that our country is being invaded?  The reasons are that  1. Corporations own this country and its political elites. They demand open borders to provide a constant supply of cheap labor and Scabs to defeat union organizing attempts.  2.  Both Republicans and Democrats are petrified that they will permanently offend the largest growing ethnic population in the U.S.  (Hispanics) and lose their votes.  These parochial concerns have no credibility in a time when our national economic and physical security are so at risk. Since 1965, when the “Immigration Act of 1965″ was passed, the gates of this country have been thrown open to massive immigration from countries that have never had their people successfully assimilated into advanced first world cultures. Not only have they not assimilated, many have no desire to assimilate and come here with hostile attitudes to western culture.  Just because there was a time when massive immigration was good for this country, does not mean that massive immigration is always a good thing.  The ” Immigration Act of 1924″ limited immigration to allow for a time of assimilation of massive numbers who came between 1880 and 1920.  During WWI. immigration ceased entirely.  During WWII. there was an intentional moratorium placed on immigration.  During hard times and times of national emergency these measures make good sense. What is the answer? What do we need to do right now?    1. We need to construct permanent twin fences (15 ft. high) enclosing a two lane road to permit Border Patrol to move in both directions . We need motion sensors buried in this roadway to detect people who have breached the outer fence.  Beyond the fence there needs to be coiled wire (8 ft. high) and beyond the wire ditches to stop trucks and SUV’s along all 2,000 miles  of the southern border.  This should be paid for by a $5.00 fee to enter the U.S.  and the savings from Welfare, Healthcare, Education and Incarceration that is used by illegal immigrants.    2.  We need to end automatic citizenship of children born to illegals  in the U.S. .   3.  Legal immigrants  should only be allowed  to bring wives and children into the country (no other family members).  4.  We need to end dual citizenship. Anyone who votes in a foreign election or serves in another country’s military should lose their U.S. citizenship.   5.  Provide only emergency services to illegals (no schooling, medical, etc.)  Hiring illegals should be a crime  punishable by monetary fine.  Repeated violations should be subject to jail terms.  Illegals should be ineligible for Social Security and Earned Income Tax Credits.   6.  Because we have an unemployment rate currently at 9.9% we should call a moratorium on all immigration into this country. This moratorium should stand until the unemployment rate goes back down to the 5% level.   The above proposals would seem to represent no more than common sense in a time when our country is struggling and endangered from terrorists.  That’s just my opinion.