Ford Announces It Will Discontinue Mercury

Posted on June 3, 2010


One of the saddest days in American automobile manufacturing history occurred this week as Ford Motor Company has announced plans to drop its Mercury line.  Maybe its just nostalgia on my part that makes this news so sad. The Mercury line has not been profitable for many years, but back in the early and mid 1950’s they made some very classic cars.  In my opinion the 1954 Mercury was one of the sharpest cars ever made. Even though it was really just a Ford with a different grill and tail lights the design of that 1954 model really worked.  If you were a teenager back then the 1949 or 50 model was your ideal for a used car to customize. I guess two or three good model years don’t justify keeping up production on a financial loser, but I find it sad anyway.

This is the Sun Liner model for 1954. Note the great tail lights and the very wide white wall tires.

Another view of the 1954 model year.  Fender skirts were very popular in the late 40’s and early to mid 50’s.  These skirts were very minimal compared to some that were used on earlier models.