Who said Calvinists don’t know how to have fun?

Posted on October 24, 2010


The image of the non-fun loving Calvinist is in dire need of exposure to some light of truth.  John Calvin, though one of the intellectual giants of Theology, was not the judgmental curmudgeon that he is so often portrayed.  Brother Calvin, it seems was often seen, on days other than the Sabbath,  lawn bowling in the parks of Geneva.   John, it is reported, had  a wonderful hook

shot that resulted in many pin scattering strikes.  He was also masterful in
picking up seven and ten pin spares.  Whether he ever bowled a 300 game is unknown.  Some critics say that his devotion to bowling may have come from from his view of  an angry God striking down sinful Mankind to their ultimate destiny in Perdition.  Others have opined that he was using bowling as an illustration of  Predestination showing which pins were Elected to remain standing.  All in all it is reported that Brother Calvin was a notably fun-loving bowler and enjoyed it when his Congregation joined him in this pursuit.