A Tribute To My Bowling Team-Mate

Posted on January 28, 2011


Today I lost a team-mate and a friend. She died unexpectedly, although when one is in their mid-eighties the possibility is certainly always there.   I bowl on a senior league bowling team. We bowl every Friday and have a great time.   Gayle was one of our most enthusiastic members and never missed a game even if she was not feeling her best.  Because of infirmities due to age she moved very slowly and her bowling handi-cap was very high.  However, she always gave it her all and was the biggest  cheerleader for all the other members of the team.  Her husband Gene is 87 and our oldest team-mate.  Gene has now outlived three wives. I can’t even begin to imagine how deeply this man has grieved.   When we asked Gene what we could do for him during this time of bereavement, his reply was ” bowl your rears off —the team you’re bowling tomorrow is one that Gayle really wanted us to beat” .   Gayle, tomorrow is for you, the team and I will do our best.