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A “Memorable” Post

July 23, 2012


Those of us who have been around for six decades or more will relate to this: Advertisements

The Slippery Slope

July 18, 2012


New numbers reveal that the collapse of the Episcopal Church dramatically accelerated in the last ten years. The denomination is literally falling apart, with attendance down 25% between 2000 and 2010. . . . The numerical decline, bad as it is, matters less than the collapse in the moral authority of the church. The Episcopal […]

Philosophy As A Way Of Life And An Adjunct To Theology

July 14, 2012


The following text is from a book review printed in today’s ” Wall Street Journal”.      By BRENDAN BOYLE ‘Vain is the word of that philosopher which does not heal any suffering of man.” By the lights of this maxim, taken from the fourth-century B.C. Greek philosopher Epicurus, contemporary philosophy looks awfully vain. Upon opening the […]