Posted on September 1, 2012


The Roman Statesman and Philosopher Lucius Anneaus Seneca believed that ingratitude should be a crime dealt with and punished by the State. Although most all today would disagree that the former should be the case, most today would agree that we live in a time where ingratitude is certainly rampant. Seneca in his book on Benefits says the following:

Ingratitude : There are, there ever were, and there ever will be, criminals of all sorts; as murderers, tyrants, thieves, adulterers, traitors, robbers, and sacrilegious persons; but there is hardly any notorious crime without a mixture of ingratitude. It disunites mankind, and breaks the very pillars of society.

To speak against the ungrateful is to rail against mankind; for even those that complain are guilty; we are all ungrateful, nor do I speak only of those that do not live gratefully up to the strict rule of virtue; but mankind itself is degenerated and lost. We live unthankfully in this world, and we go struggling and murmuring out of it; dissatisfied with our lot; whereas we should be grateful for the blessings we have enjoyed, and account that sufficient which Providence has provided for us; a little more time may make our lives longer, but not happier; and whensoever it is the pleasure of God to call us, we must obey; and yet all this while we go on quarrelling at the world for what we find in ourselves; and we are yet more unthankful to Heaven than we are to one another. What benefit can be great now to that man that despises the bounties of his Maker.

Nay we take it ill that we are not gods upon earth; never considering the advantages of our condition, or the benignity of Providence in the comforts that we enjoy.  We are within one degree of heaven itself, and yet we are not satisfied.

As we continue on in this, longest that I can remember, Presidential Campaign of Character Assasination, Name Calling, Bending of the Truth and other assorted insults to our Nation. Let’s keep in mind that we as a Free People have much to be grateful for.