About Yours Truly


Yours Truly

Musings on Life, Faith, Politics, Economics, Philosophy and whatever else floats your boat, by an experienced observer of them all. I am retired, married, father of six, grandfather of fourteen and great grandfather of two. I am a Veteran (U.S. Army), a man of Faith (Christian) and an avid reader, crossword puzzle enthusiast and Bowler.  I live with my wonderful wife of 50 years, 2 dogs including a Pushy Terrier and a low energy Brussels Griffon.  I am more than just a little convinced that Murphy’s Law is correct.

5 Responses “About Yours Truly” →
  1. Funny stuff. Keep up the words of wisdom.


  2. Harel Alkalai

    June 19, 2010

    Thanks for your post I find your honesty refreshing… Now if we could only get the rest of the world to be honest!

  3. “What ever” is one word. Which baseball team do you root for? Write more often.

    • Thanks for pointing out the error Van,the correction has been made. Since about 2005 I have been following the Nationals, when I lived in Southern California I followed the Angels pretty closely.


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