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Those Oldies But Goodies

March 14, 2011


As I was driving today my radio was tuned in to the XM music of the 50’s station. This is music that I listened to in High School. I liked it, but never gave it much thought beyond it being the background music of my adolescent years. It’s rather astounding that the simplistic three chord […]

The Roots Of Boredom

February 6, 2011


“All men’s miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone”.  Thus said the French philosopher Blaise Pascal.  I used to think that boredom was an affliction that was peculiar to the young. Children and Youth are always rendering that complaint and view it as something very  difficult to endure.  I […]

A Tribute To My Bowling Team-Mate

January 28, 2011


Today I lost a team-mate and a friend. She died unexpectedly, although when one is in their mid-eighties the possibility is certainly always there.   I bowl on a senior league bowling team. We bowl every Friday and have a great time.   Gayle was one of our most enthusiastic members and never missed a game […]

Are Things Today Really That Bad?

January 25, 2011


The economy is depressed, people are out of work, real estate is in the tank and people are just generally fed up with a declining standard of living and the politicians that have caused most of the problems.   If this is your view of life in the twenty first century, let us consider what life […]

From Whence Cometh The Rage?

December 19, 2010


The news this week, as every week,  is full of stories about people venting their rage against their fellow-man.  An individual walked into a school board meeting, drew graffiti  on the wall and then pulled a gun and shot at school board members from point-blank range. We hear of road rage with people taking shots […]

National Policy Choices And An Uninformed Majority

June 9, 2010


Recently Zogby International conducted a survey to measure which group of voters were more knowledgeable about the economic policy choices facing the United States.  Those questioned were asked if they considered themselves to be Liberal, Moderate or Conservative. They were also asked their political affiliation or party choice either Democrat, Republican or Independent. They were […]

Ford Announces It Will Discontinue Mercury

June 3, 2010


One of the saddest days in American automobile manufacturing history occurred this week as Ford Motor Company has announced plans to drop its Mercury line.  Maybe its just nostalgia on my part that makes this news so sad. The Mercury line has not been profitable for many years, but back in the early and mid […]

Libertarians And The Temptation Of The Gold Standard

May 25, 2010


The people who are part of the Tea Party come from many perspectives on the political spectrum and are not all lock step in their ideas of what needs to be done about our national economic dilemma,  however an inordinate number of individuals in the Tea Party seem to be of a Libertarian bent and […]

Economic Chaos, Three Possible Solutions

May 8, 2010


It would seem that the recent economic crisis enveloping Greece is merely a preface to what is to come in many of our States and eventually to the U.S. as a whole. Our deficits are staggering and unsustainable. As I see it we have three choices, none of which are ideal.  Solution 1. We raise […]

Stops On The Way

March 5, 2010


In 1961 I enlisted in the United States Army.  It seemed like the thing to do  because, at that time,  to say that my life was going nowhere would be a definite understatement.  I was 17 years old and  no one could tell me anything because I knew it all.  When I arrived at Fort […]

Reminiscing: My First Car

January 30, 2010


In January 1960 I purchased my first car.  I was 16 at the time and working as an assistant shipping clerk in a large retail store. One of my fellow workers had a 1949 Plymouth that he was anxious to sell because he was buying a new car. I bought the car for $25,00 and […]

Ode to Retirement

January 23, 2010


How sweet it is to do nothing all day long and after having done so, to rest.

Some Observations On Aging

January 11, 2010


As Seniors we tend to concern ourselves a lot with the process of aging. We notice more and more the seeming increasing rapidity with which time seems to pass. It has often been asked, “What is Time”? The obvious answer is that it is, “The measurement of  the passing of events”.  Very learned people have […]

Global Warming

January 10, 2010


Senior Citizens with poor circulation are cheering on the prospect of global warming. Especially those who live north of the Sun Belt.

Senior Paradox No.1

January 9, 2010


A Senior Discount, by definition, is a 10% Bonus for being unproductive. Conversely it is a 10% Value Added Tax on those unlucky enough to be young.

How to Deal with Bureaucrats

January 9, 2010


When dealing with folks at the Social Security office, remember that bureaucrats work from a long established code: WHEN IN CHARGE – DELEGATE WHEN IN THE WRONG – EQUIVOCATE WHEN IN DOUBT – MUMBLE Knowing this code will give you an advantage, but you may still have to resort to going ” Postal ” in […]


January 9, 2010


A good example of an oxymoron is:     “ACTIVE RETIREMENT”

Retirement Truth No. 2

January 9, 2010


If you are talking to someone who says, “I don’t know why anyone would want to retire’? “I have to stay active and productive”, “I’ll always have a job”. You are talking to some middle management type who has no pension.

Toxic Waste on The Road to Hell

January 8, 2010


The newest outrage in Washington has to be the coming together of the House and Senate to finish the job of impoverishing and endangering the welfare of America’s Seniors. Cutting the amount of funding from Medicare that is envisioned by those elected to protect our interests is going to do two things for certain.  1. […]

Retirement Truth No. 1

January 8, 2010


The length of time it takes a Retiree to eat breakfast on any given day is directly proportional to the size of the newspaper and the difficulty of the Crossword Puzzle on that day.

A Retiree’s Financial Portfolio

January 8, 2010


As an astute Retiree you should have two things and two things only in your Financial Portfolio.    1. Cash  2. Series I, Inflation Indexed Savings Bonds. As regards Stocks:  If you had been heavily invested in Stocks, you wouldn’t be retired.

Some thoughts on being Retired

January 7, 2010


A successful retiree has usually mastered the art of doing nothing by the age of 12.  Success in Retirement usually means that you have collected a pension for more years than it took you to earn it.  If you can say that your worst day of retirement is better than your best day ever at […]

A Senior Citizen without a coupon is like a cop without a badge

January 7, 2010


A Senior Citizen without a coupon is like a Cop without a badge. What a great thing it is to have the time to seek out restaurant coupons in these bleak financial times. My wife and I will never eat out anywhere unless we have a “Buy one meal and get the second meal free” […]

Sending Seniors Down The River Styx

October 23, 2009


In Greek myth the river Styx ran through Hades. The river, it was said , was so foul that to drink of it brought instant death. It was a crossroads where the world of the living met the dead. To cross the river Styx was usually a one way trip. As I read about the […]