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Immigration and Common Sense

May 16, 2010


The recent madness over the Arizona Governor signing a bill making it legal for police officers to question a persons immigration status has reached the point of lunacy.  The city of Los Angeles, despite being nearly bankrupt, has decided to cease doing business with the State of Arizona . Because of previous pending contracts with […]

Economic Chaos, Three Possible Solutions

May 8, 2010


It would seem that the recent economic crisis enveloping Greece is merely a preface to what is to come in many of our States and eventually to the U.S. as a whole. Our deficits are staggering and unsustainable. As I see it we have three choices, none of which are ideal.  Solution 1. We raise […]

A Sad Day For Senior Citizens

March 23, 2010


This  day will come to be known as the day that life expectancy averages for U.S. Senior Citizens began its downward trend.  With passage of the Obama Health Care Reform Bill, it is a certainty that Medicare recipients are going to find it increasingly more difficult to find a Dr. or hospital to treat them.  […]

More Wall St. Regulation Not The Answer

March 11, 2010


It seems that the President of Greece is requesting that the U.S. Govt. enact legislation to rein in the speculators on Wall Street.  His country has been living over their heads and has gotten themselves bogged down in debt. Now however, the chickens are coming home to roost and Athens wants to pass the blame […]

Sinking In Debt ?

March 10, 2010


As  opened my mail today I noticed a letter from the U.S. Dept. of Commerce. I opened it and found a two paragraph letter informing me that next week I would be receiving a form from the 2010 census and that it was very important that I fill out the form and return it promptly.  […]

Stops On The Way

March 5, 2010


In 1961 I enlisted in the United States Army.  It seemed like the thing to do  because, at that time,  to say that my life was going nowhere would be a definite understatement.  I was 17 years old and  no one could tell me anything because I knew it all.  When I arrived at Fort […]